Get closer to Octasy Media Production Services and Discover key values that made us lead and get the desired quality for our clients.


Octasy is a challenge-driven media production agency founded in 2018 and based in Cairo. We are a quality and a result-oriented team that seeks to meet the market needs and deliver its clients professional and high-quality services in various sectors. We provide pre and post-production services, 2D animation, commercial campaigns, photography, and 360° shooting.


Our mission is to turn our client's dreams into reality. Projecting their imagination into a tangible version of art with our strong team of passionate and creative individuals that strive to create original ideas and concepts. Serving the different sectors in Egypt through a result-oriented media production output with the finest quality. We transform your fantasy into reality.


Octasy aspires to be the most prominent media production agency in Egypt and to lead the dynamic media industry in a greater direction.

Brand Name

Octasy is the fusion of Octopus and fantasy. We were inspired by the flexibility, intelligence, adaptability and unpredictability of the octopus that resonates with our goal which is to create your tailored fantasy.


“Tailored Fantasy” represents Octasy’s mission, which is transforming clients’ fantasies into reality.