Get closer to Octasy Media Production Services and Discover key values that made us lead and get the desired quality for our clients.


Octasy is a media production company based in Cairo and was founded in 2018, seeking to meet the market’s needs and deliverits clients professional and high-quality services in tourismsector. We provide pre and post production services, 2D animation,commercial campaigns, photography and 360° shooting.


Octasy strives for creating new original ideas and concepts that serve the tourism sector through a results-oriented media production output with the finest quality.


We aspire to become the most influential media production in the tourism sector worldwide, and to lead the dynamic media industry in this direction

Brand Name

Octasy is made of fusion of the two words “octopus” and “fantasy”, We chose the “Octopus” as our logo as we are inspired by its best qualities which are intelligence and multi-tasking.Our goal is to transform imagination into reality, and we always strive to provide our clients with the best media production services.


“Tailored Fantasy” represents Octasy’s mission, which is transforming clients’ fantasies into reality.